10L Mini Car Refrigerator Car and Home Use Portable Cooler And Warmer Mini Fridge


The Portable Car Electronic 2-in-1 Cooling and Warming Refrigerator Fridge Storage 10L acts as a more compact yet effective version of its larger counterpart at the kitchen. It has an interior coolness that is lower than outside temperature by 19-22°C, but you can also up to turn the heat up and reach 60°C in a snap for food ingredients which prefer hotter areas—all in the comfort of your automobile.

Model No: M-K10
External dimensions : W288 x D251x H342 mm
Internal dimensions: W164x D180 x H276 mm
G.W/N.W.: 3.9/3.6 kg
Capacity: 10L

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Don't switch the function of cool/warm abruptly. Switch the function after 30 minutes of being on off. Environmental protection without fluorine pollution, light weight, long service life. This 2 in 1 cool and warm use, uses 12 volts power to cool or warm drinks and food, quiet motor and fan circulate air for even cooling/heating.

Mini Fridge Features:

1.Type: semiconductor car & home refrigerator.

2. ABS material shell, internal and external shockproof design, double protection box food.

3. Low noise and mute, sleep is not noisy, do not disturb, save energy and save electricity.

4. Small size, no space, good partner for car, make travel more relaxed.

5. Combined for both cold and warm, dual-use car, four seasons universal; can be used for fresh food, cold drinks, breast milk and general medicine; can also keep meals, hot drinks, breast milk.

6. Application: lakeside banquet; picnic camping, car trip, taxi driver use, yacht outing or fishing, refrigerated medicine, truck use, van, frozen milk, refrigerated cosmetics.

Production Information:


Model:M-K10 Capacity: 10L
Voltage: 220v/12v Heating Effect:50-65℃ by thermostat
AC Power: Cooling 50W Heating 45W DC Power: Cooling 45W Heating 40W
Normal Mode Noise: 25-28db Mute Mode Noise: 22-25db
Packing Size: W320*D290*H380 mm Product usage scenarios: Home & Car
Cooling Effect: Cools up to 19-22℃ below ambient temperature.


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