Compact Mini Fridge Quiet No Noise Absorption Refrigerator with Lock Black M-30A


Many large hotels provide an in-room mini bar so that their guests an choose a drink or snack in the privacy of their own room without having to go out of the hotel or call for room service. Our 30 litre capacity mini bars are lockable and designed specifically for the hotel guest room. Our hotel mini bar incorporates absorption technology, providing silent operation and low energy consumption. Supplied in a sleek black finish to complement any hotel room décor.

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REINN minibars are available in three different sizes, with solid door or glass door.
All models are supplied with key lock and internal LED light.


Hotel guest room, Office, Hospital or Home etc.

Usage Instructions of Absorption Hotel Mini bar:
1. Please let the product work about 1 hour with no load, and then put in the foodstuff when
   using the product for the first time.
2. The product shall stand horizontally and can't be slanted; otherwise it will cause poor 
3. There are totally 5 positions in the temperature adjusting device, normally please use 
   position Position 1 is the warmest  while position 5 is the coolest.
4. Don't put too much foodstuff into the cabinet once, please add foodstuff gradually.
5. Certain distance shall be kept between the foodstuff stored in the cabinet, so that the
   cool air can  flow freely and the temperature will be even.
6. In order to save energy, please try your best to reduce the door opening times as well
   as make it  quick every time you open the door. 
7. When stop using, please use a soft wet cloth to clean the inside of the cube, and let air 
   circulate  in the cube so as to avoid the liner of the cube being eroded.

Product Information:

Model:M-30A Capacity: 30L
Voltage: 110-220V,50-60Hz Internal Material:Plastic,Aluminium,Steel
External Dimension:W400*D420*H490mm Cooling Technology:Absorption Cooling
Package Dimension:W450*D465*H550mm N.W/G.W:14.5/15.5 kg
Type of Door:Solid Door Product usage scenarios: Hotel,Hospital
Additional Feature:Environment Friendly,No Noise,Auto Defrost

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