Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator Hotel Absorption Minibar for Bedroom M-30T


Whether you’re storing canned drinks, bottled water or confectionary, the Reinn hotel room fridge is a great choice for keeping your guests refreshed. With its impressive 30 litre usable capacity, there’s plenty of space for a range of drinks, and, as each of the two shelves are adjustable, it’s easy to adapt the interior to suit the content.

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This model is suitable for various cars. It can be used as an armrest on the front and rear seats. It needs a drink to be used at any time. Outdoor dining table can be used as a drink. With an adjustable belt, it is more convenient to carry, save space and super convenient. The product can hold 9L of food and drinks. The design is the most convenient portable strap design for drinking out. It can be carried around and is easy to carry.

Minibar Features:

Cooling Method: Absorption technologies, ammonia water circle

1.Minibar are the one of the products which are environmental friendly, without fluorine, 
  and cause no pollution to the aerosphere. High performance with superior absorption 
  new technology and cooling by ammonia.
2.Minibar are with no compressor, no fan, no moving part, no Freon, no vibration, silent      
  and don't produce any noise, function stably and soundly.  The products can defrost
  automatically and belong to static-cooling refrigerators. 
3.The products adopt electronic temperature control, which makes the temperature in the 
4.Quite even, and have little fluctuation when starting and shutting off. 
5.The door hinges of the product are left-and-right interchangeable. 
6. Maintenance-free operation, energy saving, long life and 5 years' warranty

Product Information:

Model:M-30T Capacity: 30L
Voltage: 110-220V & 50-60Hz Type of Door:Glass Door.Open to Right Side
Internal Lightr: Yes Internal Material: Plastic,Aluminium,Steel
External Dimension:W400*D410*H493mm Interior Storage Configuration:1 adjustable shelf
Package Dimension: W450*D465*H550mm Cooling Technology:Absorption Cooling
Additional Feature:Environment Friendly,No Noise,Auto Defrost

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