Digital Electronic Gun Safe Rifle and Handgun Security Safe Box


Federal law across several jurisdictions and countries requires firearms owners to have a gun safe or vault with reinforced steel constructions, such as the ones MDE offers Firearm owners can easily access our safe and vault content with a biometric fingerprint lock and 4-6 digit code.

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Whether you’re on the range, in your home, or anywhere else, the first rule of guns is always be thinking of safety. One of the best ways to practice gun safety is to purchase and use a gun safe in your home. This keeps your weapon away from people in your home who may not be trained to use a gun, such as your children. When you use a gun safe, you’re drastically reducing the chances of someone shooting the gun accidentally or taking it for their own use. When you’re ready to invest in a home or gun safe, you want to make sure you’re spending your hard earned money wisely. 




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