Fingerprint/Keypad Long Gun Safe 4-5 Gun Metal Rifle Gun Security Pistol Safe Box


External Size: W12.6”xD9.84”xH55.12”

Internal Size: W12.4”xD7.08”xH53.03”

Net Weight: 68.51 lbs

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  • Gun safe Overall Dimensions: H55.12” x W12.6” xD9.84” , Inter Dimension: H53.03” x W12.4” x D7.08”.The 5 slots are for easy placement,According to the size of the gun,You can usually put 4-5 guns.Quick Access Fingerprint/Keypad Rifle Safe:With rapid reaction digital lock system and can be easily programed with instructions.Three ways open the safe with fingerprint/keypad/backup key.
  • Gun safe comes already assembled. All you need to do is just insert 4 AA battery and set the key pad and fingerprint.The fingerprint and keypad systems cost power, so our backup power 9V supply is placed behind the keyboard for more convenient Settings.
  • Bigger Deadbolts: With 7/8 inches thickness of 5 bigger steel locking bolts for home defense and security, preventing the children and others from breaking in.
  • Convenient Handgun Holder: With two more convenient handgun holder to storage your handgun, also a shelf space for your ammo and bullets.The shelf can be removed if you want and also can store handgun, ammo and other things in your home or office.
  • Easy Installation: With pre-drilled holes, this safe is easy to mount to the wall, floor,in closets, garages, or any other location.

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