Hotel Beverage Refrigerator with Glass Door Hospital Minibar with Adjustable Removable Shelves M-40T


Ideal for stocking beverages and small food items in hotel rooms which, due to their smaller size, can be placed almost anywhere. A selection of sizes and designs are available, from 25 litres up to 50 litres to suit all budgets and requirements. Your guests will appreciate the beautifully silent operation – an elegant addition to your rooms which won’t disturb their precious sleep.

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Energy efficient, silent and vibration free, we can provide the perfect minibar for hotel, grocery, or office settings.As a trusted safe & mini bar supplier, our team has provided minibars at large scale to hundreds of clients ranging from hotel industry to retailers to medical centers. We’re trusted by leaders in the industry like Marriott, Hilton & Hyatt Regency, exemplified by their trust in us to furnish a minibar or safe for hotel rooms in their select establishments.

Mini Fridge Features:

1.High performance with superior absorption new technology, cooling by ammonia

2.No compressor, no fan, no moving part, no vibration, noiseless, maintenance-free operation

3.Very long life-span and good stability.

4: Minibar are the one of the products which are environmental friendly, without fluorine, and cause no pollution to the aerosphere. 

5: Minibar are without compressor, silent and don’t produce any noise, function stably and soundly. The products can defrost utomatically and belong to static-cooling refrigerators. 

6: The products adopt electronic temperature control, which makes the temperature in the product.

7: Quite even, and have little fluctuation when starting and shutting off. 

8: The door hinges of the product are left-and-right interchangeable.

9:Using type: Designed and engineered for hotel use.

10:Energy consumption: Energy efficient with special insulation.

11:Environmental:Environmentally safe, no CFCs or HCFC refrigerant.

12:Warranty: 1 year.

13:Maintenance:No maintenance required.


Product Information:

Model:M-40T Capacity: 40L
Voltage: 110-220V,50-60Hz Type of Door:Glass Door
Internal Material:Plastic,Aluminium,Steel
External Dimension:W400*D425*H553mm
N.W/G.W:18/19.5 kg
Package Dimension:W450*D500*H620mm Product usage scenarios: Hotel, Hospital
Additional Feature:Environment Friendly,No Noise,Auto Defrost

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