Hotel Fashionable Style Digital Safe Box K-BE001


The Mde Safe is installed in many hotels throughout the China including Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, Four Seasons and more. The Mde safe is installed in hotel/motel rooms for guest use of their personal belongings that they do not want to lose including wallets, keys, cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, cash and more. This safe is 15" wide, perfect for a laptop computer to fit inside.

Model No: K-BE001
External Dimensions : W420 x D380 x H200mm
Internal Dimensions: W416 x D326 x H196mm
G.W/N.W.: 14/13 kgs
Material: Cold Rolled Steel
Capacity: 26L
Accommodate 15'' Laptop
Sheet Thickness (Panel): 5 mm
Sheet Thickness(Safe): 2 mm
20GP/40GP Quantity(No Pallet):606/1259 pcs

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We’ve put together a range of Leisure and Hotel Safes to meet specific requirements from the industry. From intelligent digital hotel room safes to high security graded safes for receptions and back-of-house, our safe are engineered, built and finished to the highest standards. We sell exclusively user-friendly hotel safes, produced for hotels with simple instructions, which makes them easy to use. If you are considering buying safes for your hotel, we can help you find the right solution.

Hotel Safe Features:

Will accommodate a 15" laptop computer.

Electronic digital function.

ADA compliant illuminated keypad.

Fully motorized with two locking bolts.

Laptop computer size.

LED display.

Audit trail functionality.

Emergency openings by electronic override & mechanical key.

Electrostatic powder coat paint finish.

Intelligence -The Hotel Preferred Event Audit Trail will record the full identity of the last 200 authorized users. Importantly, this feature records both the opening and the closing of the safe door, providing the detailed information you’ll need in the case of a theft.

Strength - The two 20mm diameter steel bolts are powered by an auto-electronic locking system that secures the ¼ inch (5mm) Cold-Rolled Steel Door. It’s as strong as it looks.

Anchoring - There are 2 holes in the back of the safe to mount it to a solid surface.


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