Hotel Guestroom Eco-Friendly Minibar Fridge Thermoelectric Drawer CB-45SA


Model No: CB-45SA
External dimensions: W490 x D455x H425mm
G.W/N.W.: 15.5/17 kgs
Capacity: 45L
Door: Foamed Door
Technology: Thermoelectric Cooling System
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V(110V Optional)/50-60Hz
Power: 58W
Temp Range: 5-10℃

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Core description

The stylish drawer minibar gives your guests easy access to perfectly chilled drinks. the new Peltier cell technology delivers excellent reliability and power economy and is silent in operation. The minibar has excellent storage within the drawer able to store both bottles and cans. There is an internal LED light to display the products and the elegant mirrored black panel door fits beautifully into any type of furniture.

The principle of operating a thermoelectric minibar - a method of cooling based on the Peltier effect, making the heat concentrated on one side of the device, and the opposite side thereof is efficiently cooling. The use of this technology allows to ensure minibars compact construction and operation without the use of condensate, compressor and filters.

Minibar-Standard Features:

1.Cold fast and low noise, with heat-pipe technology.


3.Intelligent thermostat.

4.Interior LED light with auto off.

5.No Freon, no compressor or moving parts.

6.Adjust rack, maximum use of available space.

7.Adjust temp with inside control.

8.Temperature control: Fuzzy logic regulation system-Low energy consumption.

Minibar-Specific project options:

1.Lock on the minibar door.

2.Change of colour , RAL chart.

Internal Light

Optional Lock

Temperature Control


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