Small Hotel Room Thermoelectric Minibar For Drinks M-22BA


Reinn minibar stores well-cooled refreshments and snacks in its interior-whether you are cooling beer, juice, soda or water, fresh salads or savory sausages. The Minibars are available in dimensions of 20ltr, 30ltr and 40Ltr. Fitted with height-adjustable shelves making way for convenient storage. Glass door models, make the display attractive enticing the guest to consume and ensuring revenue growth for the property.

Model No: M-22BA
External Dimensions : W400 x D428 x H352mm
G.W/N.W.: 8.8/7.5 kgs
Capacity: 22L
Door: Foamed door
Technology: Thermoelectric cooling system
Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V(110V optional)/50-60Hz
Power: 60W
Temp range: 5-10℃ (at ambient temperature is 25℃)

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Core description

The thermoelectric minibar, with peltier technology, makes use of a heat source to create power and to cool. The liquid coolant gasifies after absorbing the heat from the evaporator, then liquefiers slowly while it goes through the condenser, the heat is dissipated evenly at the same time. The liquid comes down to the evaporator through gravity.

Mini bar Standard Features:

-Heat-pipe technology.

- Advanced thermoelectric cooling technology.


-Adjustable thermostat for ideal temperature control.

-Soft interior LED light.

- Non-wearing thermoelectric (Peltier system) cooling with heating pipe technology.

- Unique fuzzy logic regulation system for low energy consumption.

- CFC free, Environment friendly.

- No vibration and  no noise.

- Foaming spray-painted cabinet, acrylic coating.

- AL-fin evaporator inside cabinet.

- Movable door rack for different size drink.

- Reversible door and adjustable foot.

- Metal cabinet.


-Door’s open direction. Left or Right.


-Plug as request.

-Color as RAL chart.

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