Small Home 4L Mini Fridge For Cosmetics Car Camping Refrigerator


Portable Mini Car Refrigerator is perfect for picnic, office or more. It makes the food and drinks fresh or cold. You can set the temperature on it so they can meet your real requirements. This kind is semiconductor car refrigerator, and its principle is to rely on electronic chip refrigeration. Car refrigerator is both cooling and heating functions optional.

Model No: M-K4
External dimensions : W250 x D203x H280 mm
Internal dimensions: W137x D140 x H203 mm
G.W/N.W.: 2.5/2.2 kg
Capacity: 4L

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A small size, high efficiency fridge and warmer fits elegantly on the table top of your office, gym or room. It is a very versatile product even as a bar accessory. Preserve your consumables even when you’re on-the-go with the sleek Portable Car Electronic 2-in-1 Cooling and Warming Refrigerator Fridge Storage. Engineered to improve your trips by keeping your meals and drinks cold and fresh in your car, this device is guaranteed to be an asset for people like you who live an active lifestyle.

Mini Fridge Features:

1.Thermo-electric chiller & warmer.

2.Fits 2 bottles of 0.3L/6 Cans.

3.Hot & Cold Switch.

4.Eco-friendly, maintenance free.

5.No compressor or refrigerant gas.

6.Made of high quality material, durable and long service life.

7.Designed for filling large pitchers, coffee pots, and water bottles.

8.Equipped with refrigeration and heating functions, the temperature of the can be controlled at any time to meet your needs.

9.Use a flip-up lid, you can easily store the refrigerator between front seat and the armrest box.

10.Storage of drinks and for journey, picnic, camping, yacht and at home or in the office.

Product Information:

Model:M-K4 Capacity: 4L
Voltage: 220v/12v Heating Effect:50-65℃ by thermostat
AC Power: Cooling 38W Heating 30W DC Power: Cooling 30W Heating 25W
Normal Mode Noise: 25-28db Mute Mode Noise: 22-25db
Packing Size: W290*D245*H330 mm Product usage scenarios: Home & Car
Cooling Effect: Cools up to 23-25℃ below ambient temperature.



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