Fireproof Home & Office Security Safe Box


Model No: K-FH670
External Dimensions : W480 x D470 x H600mm
Internal Dimensions: W341 x D320 x H464mm
G.W/N.W.: 115/112 kg
Capacity: 41L

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Fireproof Safe Features:

1) Special fireproof stuffing material (cellular concrete);

2) Strong locking mechanism and locking bolts;

3) Heavy duty vault style door and hinges;

4) Inside dead locking bolts secure the door firming;

5) Ensuring to the inner temperature less than 166ºC, while exposed in 1010ºC flame for 1 hour;

6) 2 sets of independently 4-6 digitals setting-up system: user code and management code;

7) Date and time shown on the screen can be set;

8) 3 incorrect entries auto-locking function;

9) Blue background light;

10) 2 pcs manual override key included;

11) Vibration alarm

12)Electronic panel and keystroke operation

13) LED screen: display year, month, day and time; display password operation.

14) Use key and the digital code to open the safe.

15) Drawer inside.

High temperature combustion experiment

Tested fire-proof safe by the highest temperature control point of 1030 degrees Celsius, burning for 1hour. After it, safe was promoted to 4 meters height for crash tests, the results of box structure intact and file paper color all the same, measured in the highest temperature of 106.1 degrees Celsius, far lower than the national standard of 180 degrees Celsius.

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