Bedroom Closet Electronic Fingerprint Safe For Home MD-60B


Model No: MD-60B
External Dimensions : W450 x D400 x H600mm
Internal Dimensions: W438 x D340 x H408mm
G.W/N.W.: 90/89 kg

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Biometric safes, also known as fingerprint safes are designed for quick access when you need to get to your items in a hurry. With a biometric fingerprint safe, you no longer need to remember a combination or carry a key. Everything you need is right at your fingertips! The safes we carry have high quality fingerprint readers so that you will always have quick access to your items. Whether you are looking to store handguns or just some valuables, we carry a variety of biometric safes that are highly dependable and will fit your needs.  

Fingerprint  Safe Features:

Door thickness: 8mm

Body thickness: 4mm

1.The laser cutting technology greatly improves the solidity, precision and tamper resistance of the cabinet. The cabinet adopts three-dimensional wire cutting technology, which is integrally formed and durable.

2.The cabinet door is fixed with U-shaped hinges, which makes the door open angle greater than 90 degrees while being firm, making storage more convenient.

3.Brand new dual-core technology, sixth-generation fingerprint recognition plus electronic password.

4.3  opening methods can be set: Fingerprint, password, fingerprint+ password.

5.Double alarm system, vibration alarm, wrong code alarm, touch the button area to wake up the system, when the cabinet is shaken or the password verification fails 3 times, the alarm system will be activated immediately.

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