Electronic Fingerprint Home Safe Box MD-60A


Model No: MD-60A
External Dimensions : W450 x D400 x H600mm
Internal Dimensions: W438 x D340 x H468mm
G.W/N.W.: 90/89 kg

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Fingerprint  Safe Features:

Door thickness: 10mm

Body thickness: 8mm

1.The whole box adopts an integrated bending process to strengthen the overall anti-theft performance. The edge design is designed to protect the box frame and make the box more beautiful.

2.There is a built-in drawer box at the bottom to increase the privacy of the box and also divide space for your valuables and other items.

3.Aluminum alloy foot pads, protect the box when moving the box.

4.The cabinet door is fixed with U type hinges, which is firm and at the same time makes the door opening angle greater than 90 degrees, which is more convenient for storage.

5.Alarm function: 3 consecutive wrong password or fingerprint alarm, the box receives a violent impact, prying alarm.

6.Semiconductor fingerprint unlock: Semi-conductive pattern radio frequency fingerprint identification system, fast identification, low rejection rate, more effective for dry and cracked fingerprints, dry and wet fingerprint identification.

7.The hidden telescopic handle is integrated with the surface, which is far higher than the same level from the precision and safety of the structure.

8.Luxury leather interior with built-in partitions.

9.Open method: Touch screen electronic password + fingerprint.

10.Lock head with imitation drill piece, enhanced anti-theft function.

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