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Model No: MD-60ZYZ
External Dimensions : W450 x D400 x H580mm
Internal Dimensions: W440 x D310 x H450mm
G.W/N.W.: 88/87 kg

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Choose a fingerprint safe from a wide selection that allow you to open it with just the scanning of a fingerprint, With this type of model they use more advanced technology than a standard electronic lock however are still powered by batteries. To storing of valuables such as jewellery as well as cash.

Fingerprint  Safe Features:

Door thickness: 12mm

Body thickness: 8mm

1. Original box structure, flat frame door panel is not milled, no weak side box body is tenoned and welded to greatly improve the structural strength

2. Semiconductor live fingerprint technology, dual-mode password and fingerprint lock, and adopts ultra-high-precision semiconductor fingerprint module, fast recognition speed, high recognition rate, biometric technology, reject fingerprint film and other fake door opening technology .

3. Double alarm system, vibration alarm, wrong code alarm, touch the button area to wake up the system, when the cabinet is shaken or the password verification fails 3 times, the alarm system will be activated immediately.

4.Prevent the clink bolt: Automatic self-locking mechanism, fully automatic opening and closing the door, convenient and fast.

5. Equipped with tamper-proof safety bolt, if the big lock is broken, the safety bolt will lock the mechanism immediately, and the safety bolt will not return when it is struck by external force to ensure safety.

6. 28mm solid bolts, anti-theft.

7. Using high-power all-metal turbine motor, stable, long service life, with self-locking, strong safety.

8. The whole box body adopts an integrated bending process to strengthen the overall anti-theft performance, and the edge design is designed to protect the box frame and make the box more beautiful.

9. A cassette at the bottom of the drawer to hide important documents and objects.

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