Bank Commercial Vault with Stainless Steel and safe deposit Storage-K-BXG55


Mde safe deposit boxes are a great solution for deposit security needs. These containers are made from solid steel and have interlocking door jambs, perfect for punch and pick resistance. They can be stacked in a configuration of your choosing making these some of the best safe deposit boxes in use today.

Model No: K-BXG55
Material: Stainless steel
Mechanical Lock: America Standard UL Lock
Door size: According to customer’s request
Sheet thickness (Door): 10 mm
Sheet thickness(Body): 2 mm

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We cover a range of safe deposit storage solutions, from the needs of banking and business clients to residential solutions for securing personal records like precious metals, jewels, cash, passports, and more.... our mission is to keep your wealth secure and provide peace-of-mind when it comes to the safety and security of critical documents and personal possessions.

Safe Deposit Locker Features:

1.American UL standard lock, which has double cylinders. The main and subsidiary keys can open the lock at the same time. Before the main key inserts, the subsidiary key is unable to insert to assure the security . the subsidiary key can not be draw out when the door is opening to avoid losing the key.

2.The distance between main and subsidiary keys is 47mm, it assures that your finger will not be scratched by the other key when you rotate the one.

3.The serial number is carved with computer technique.

4.Lock: Highly-precisely dual-key locks approved by US UL safety standards, flexible opening, comfortable feel. The lock can only be opened with both the master key and customer key simultaneously, so that the customer can trust completely.More than 820,000 kinds of combination number.

Inner Containers

All lockers are supplied with a steel inner container. These come standard with a hasp and staple to accept the renter's own padlock.The inside box of the safe deposit box is where the contents are kept. They are made from solid sheet metal and finished with an enamel that protects against rust and wear and tear of the box. They are not locked and rely on the security of the safe deposit outer door. These boxes will safely and securely hold contents in a weather proof environment for decades to come. You can rest assured that valuables of all kinds will be easily stored and peace of mind will keep your customers/guests happy.


Within each group of lockers, the numbers commonly start at the top left corner and run horizontally in rows to the bottom right corner. Other numbering systems can also accommodated.

Key Lock

The locks are cylinder key locks that are pick resistant. The keys are unique and durable enough to last a long time. Both locks are designed to be unlocked for the outer door to open. Typically one key is meant for an employee, and the other key is meant for the user. Both have to be present to open the door. The SDBAX-6 comes with (1) guard key and (2) user keys for each box.

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